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epiphone sorrento

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-21)
Price : C $380.00

epiphone sorrento epiphone sorrento epiphone sorrento epiphone sorrento epiphone sorrento

really nice 90's(96 or 97 i think) epi sorrento with tkl hardshell case. slim neck and completely hollow body but for a soundpost under the bridge. 24.75'' scale rosewoodboard. everything is in very good condition frets tuners electronics etc. the finish on top has some pick scratches and there's a few dings on the back and a couple of  small dents on the neck. the biggest ding on the back is visible in the pics where a flake of the finish came off. i replaced the tunematic with a roller bridge and added the bigsby style trem. the original trapeze is in the case. they also came with a pickguard but this didn't have one when i got it. i'm not a pickguard guy anyways. i really don't drag my pick across the face of the guitar to require that kind of protection and i like to see the wood and finish. the body is quite thin and light and very comfortable. the p90s are really quite good. lotsa overtones and with the hollow body controlled feedback is a breeze. you might think this is a rockabilly or roots guitar but i'm a rock player and this thing roars through my mig 100 half stack. with the slim neck and thin body upper fret access is quite easy as well. never gigged with it but i would have if i had the chance. i did record with it though and you know p90s record really well. i add a p90 track on almost everything i do now. i have some real gibson p90s and these epis compare quite favourably with them. case is in really good used shape. all latches work. 70 bucks flat rate shipping to the US.50 bucks in canada. thanks for looking.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-21)

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