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Gibson ES 335 w/Satin Finish Tone on Steroids

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-21)
Price : US $1,603.

Gibson ES 335 w/Satin Finish   Tone on Steroids

This ES-335 is a one guitar show. What I mean by that is once you strap on this one at your gig, every other guitar stays in the case. Country? Use both pickups and get that nice clean midrange that makes your band sound so full. Rock? Put on the treble and watch the paint peel. Jazz? Try the neck pickup and roll off the treble. Suddenly, you're Larry Carlton. The point is, this guitar is a well-built versatile workhorse that will leave any player (short of guys that like hairspray and use 8's for the high e string) smiling.
Here's the official Gibson copy - they can say it better than I can:
The Gibson ES-335 with a Satin Finish!
With the exception of the Les Paul Standard, there are few other guitars in the Gibson catalog that can match the ES-335 for sheer star power. It's been seen in the hands of guitarists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, B. B. King and session legend, Larry Carlton (who has his own 335 Signature model). And of all the ES-335s Gibson has made, the one with the most magic is the 1959 Dot-Neck. With its arched top, f-holes and solid maple center block, the semi-hollow 335 has all the raw power of a solid body, but with the refined elegance of a traditional Gibson archtop. The ES-335 is the perfect guitar for practically any musical setting. It's as perfect a fit for jazz and fusion as it is for blues, hard rock and beyond. Later models had block inlays, but the dot neck will forever hold a special place in the hearts of most guitar players.
Gibson ES-335 Satin at a Glance:
    * Semi-hollow body des

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-21)

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