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Jackson Tremelo w Bar Claw & Screws Complete

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-23)
Price : US $50.00

Jackson Tremelo w Bar  Claw & Screws   Complete Jackson Tremelo w Bar  Claw & Screws   Complete Jackson Tremelo w Bar  Claw & Screws   Complete

This auction is for a Jackson Tremelo setup, licensed under Floyd Rose Patents. It came off a mid 90's Jackson KV2. It has a different whammy bar than alot of the Jacksons do. On this one the whammy bar has the threads ON THE BAR, not a threaded cap that you have to tighten down. Personally I love it. If you prefer some adjustability as to the height of the bar you simply screw it in either as high or low as you like which you really can't do with the other more common Jackson style tremelos.

The Jackson 580 for example where the tremelo bar has a threaded cap that tightens the bar to the tremelo unit. The guitars I've used that had that tremelo on it when you screw down the cap, do a few dive bombs or really anything for that matter it's loose as soon as you've used the bar a few times. The bar is still IN the unit but it is not a tight feel at all and wiggles back and forth in the hole it's in. I guess that's fine if your just using it to make noise but if you want any kind of control it's pretty lame.

On this unit once it's screwed in a couple turns it's in and it does not wiggle back and forth. It hangs down toward the floor until you grab it, let go and it drops back down out of the way. Maybe I'm over explaining it but there is a major difference between those units and this style unit.

If you've got a Jackson guitar with one of these units on it you know what I mean, if not it's som

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-09-23)

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