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Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-01-13)
Price : US $340.01

Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989 Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989 Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989 Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989 Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989 Ibanez rg570 rg 570 1989

     You are looking at an Ibanez 1989 RG 570 made in Japan. If you don't know about 80's RG's check them out, i.m.o. they are the best. The bridge pickup has been upgraded from a v8 to a Dimarzio Tone Zone. The neck on this guitar is the thinnest I have ever seen, and plays like nobody's business, perfect if you're into fast playing. This is an ideal guitar for metallic shredding purposes. There is a small indentation near the middle pickup (picture 4) which is about the width of a pinky finger nail, it is hardly noticeable at first glance and it does not affect the playability.This guitar also features the Lo pro edge trem system which is the best i have encountered while dealing with floyd roses.... this one actually works, divebombs don't effect tuning. The best feature of the guitar is the neck, new Ibanez necks are not half as good as these.  No return.  Will be shipped in a Brand New Fender harshell case. Will be insured.  Whammy bar is included.......No bidders with 0 feedback please.....Happy Bidding!

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2009-01-13)

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