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1970s Ventura Les Paul Copy

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-02-08)
Price paid : US $ 5000

1970s Ventura Les Paul Copy 1970s Ventura Les Paul Copy

Black, bolt neck all original. Solid body, some have a separate plywood arched top.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-02-08)
Price paid : US $ 5000

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Rocket said...
I have this Same guitar i bought it back in 1981 , always loved the way it played and it is in great condition ! it s all original, its has been a great guitar n i learned to play on it !

Micheal said...
whoever paid $5k for a Ventura (regardless of condition) was a fool! They can be found anywhere for well under $500!

Stan said...
I have a 74 Ventura Les Paul Custom that I've had since I was in bands in jr. high school. I bought it over an actual Gibson Les Paul due to the value, thinness of the neck and weight (a bit less heavy on the shoulder than an original). Has been a great guitar, still works, original frets. Beautiful light maple finish and light wood neck and fretboard with black inlays. Gold hardware has lost some of finish and have had to have the nut replaced a couple times. Otherwise was a well-made guitar—and still love it. (Although there has been many a time I wished I owned a '74 Gibson as it would be worth a lot of change now!)

douglas godsey said...
its great to finally learn something about my guitar.i have one exactly like yours.i play it regularly.great sound.i only give 100.00 for it.

douglas godsey said...
would like to learn more about my guitar if you could email me @ THANKS

Roland said...
How much is that worth?