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Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-02-11)
Price paid : US $ 200

ellie ellie ellie ellie ellie ellie

this guitar is in very good shape i bought in about 79 or 80 i have over 200 ccollector guitars and out of any acoustic minus a takamine 12 string this is the very best sounding 6 string i have ever played i have since 1974 and still try to everyday i think hohner guitars are the most under priced and under rated guitars built and like any thing there are some good and some bad but my h g 920 has been played by many fine musicians and i have turned down a straight across trade for a martin d28 for it and i had very well known bluegrass player offer me $3500 dollars for it thanks please if any one has questions about hg 920 please contact me at thanks

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-02-11)
Price paid : US $ 200

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Brad Bailey said...
Also have original I bought new in late 70's here in South Africa. Great guitar, wont part with her. Just feel guilty at having bought ( mid life crises?) a younger more rounded Jumbo Tanglewood TWTSR3 - has such a different character. Hope she understands she is my first love

NMstrummer said...
Hello from me too husband had our Hohner HG-920 when I met him in '88, and it's a GEM! I was strumming my Tachomine 12 and spending my youth tuning it all the time. The Hohner has been my choice of guitar, I can pick it up and play along with Emmylou or Linda tuning needed most of the time. I was looking for a new nut for it, and found this. So glad to see you're enjoying yours as much as we do ours...I don't know if hubby would turn down $3500 for this one or not, I would encourage offers myself! But it sure is a fantastic guitar and would miss it if it weren't hanging nearby.

David said...
Hi Ellie, I too am a very very proud owner of a Hohner HG-920 arbor series guitar. They are great sounding and beautiful instruments, in fact for the last 28 years I have been trying to collect the entire run of the Hohner HG-900 arbor series guitars. You are only the third HG-920 owner that I have seen(I bought used April 1980 $275,Travis Harmony Central used $175 and now yours). They are very rare and hard to find. I do belive they are the unknown standouts of the late 70s acoustic guitars coming from Japan. I would never sell or trade either. Congrats on your guitar :)