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Kramer pitchrider 7000 IVL Technologies midi

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2006-08-14)
Price : US $49

Kramer pitchrider 7000 IVL Technologies midi Kramer pitchrider 7000 IVL Technologies midi Kramer pitchrider 7000 IVL Technologies midi

Wow, what a blast from the past here. A vintage Kramer 7000 pitchrider, with guitar pickup system and all manuals. Unit powers up and comes with power supply. Sold as is. Low starting bid. Here is a very interesting article I found about this unit, and the company that designed it that later went to work with Digitech. Phil Scott, who was one of the original founders of IVL and is still the President, used to be a professional psychologist, and in his spare time also studied the flute. When his flute instructor told him about intonation and how important it was, Phil decided to look at existing tuners to see if there was some way to get real-time visual feedback of pitch. Tuners tend to track rather slowly, however, so Phil decided to work on the problem himself. A friend at a telecommunications company in Canada put him in touch with Brian Gibson, and in 1983, Phil and Brian started IVL in Victoria, British Columbia. Their first product was the original Pitchrider 2000, which had an LED display on its front panel to indicate what pitch was being played, and whether it was being played sharp or flat. The pair then took the 2000 to the NAMM music industry show at about the same time that MIDI had arrived on the scene, and it soon became evident that there was interest in pitch-to-MIDI conversion for non-keyboard playing musicians. This launched the Pitchrider series and later the 7000, which was the guitar version of that product.For a short period of time this unit had the Kramer name on it. Thanks for looking and happy bidding.Drop a line if you have any questions.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2006-08-14)

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