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Aristone Crown Archtop Guitar 1930

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-02-13)
Price paid : US $ 1000.

Aristone Crown Archtop Guitar 1930 Aristone Crown Archtop Guitar 1930 Aristone Crown Archtop Guitar 1930

Rare vintage guitar made by master luthier J.G.Abbott senior in London 1930's. At least as good as a top line Gibson of the period.

Many people only know about the later 1950's low end plywood guitars built by Besson using the Aristone brand name, which they co owned with Abbott from the 1920's. The 1950's guitars are very poor in comparison and more like a Framus or Hofner.
These 1930's Aristone Crown models are the very best of J.G.Abbott senior's production, from the mid 1930's.
The build is similar to a D'Angellico, hand carved spruce top, hand carved one piece back, one piece neck (no wings added for the headstock, just a single billet of the best quality mahogany available), gold hardware, 7/9 ply top binding, mother of pearl inlays,bound neck and F holes.
They sound as good as a D'angellico too !!
Not to be confused with the guitars of J.G.Abbott Junior who also made very good guitars, but not quite as good as these. I have a Abbott Victor Burlington by J.G.Abbott junior made in 1940 which is very good but not a patch on the Aristone.
A very rare guitar with huge tone and volume eats L-5's and Super 400's for breakfast!

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-02-13)
Price paid : US $ 1000.

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Sander said...
Very nice guitar with awesome looks! In 2004 Ibanez produced a guitar that has identical looks and is also an fully acoustic guitar. This was the Ibanez Artcore AF84. That one was famous for it's looks but not for performance. The one above has both, very nice!

Ges Gibson said...
I also have a Abbot Aritone LW1 (Len Williams model father of John Williams) My father who played in Jazz bands in the 30,s 40,s bought it in 1937. Sorry about my name but I also own a couple of those.

Simon Holmes said...
I have a great old Abbott Aristone; model LW1. It is in a pre-war compressed cardboard instrument case & has several \"Fretted Harmony\" magazines (6d)with adverts for it on the back priced at £14:15:00. I have been trying to find out more about these fantastic guitars.

James Hand said...
This guitar is known as the Aristone Crown and was a well sort after box in the 50's when even then it was rare!

Jon Aristone said...
As you can see from my name I have an intrest in aquiering a Aristone Archtop Guitar for my Grandson. Anyone who knows of one for sale pleae let me know at Thanks

James said...
I have an Aristone and have had it from new. The one shown is an Aristone Crown and is a better guitar than the Gibsons of the same era.

Melissa said...
I am in sight on one similar to this: Aristone, excellent condition, 5 3 7 on top of handle and the british crown on the neck in Pearl...anyone know anything or a value to this?

decal said...
hello. out of interest please can you post if there's anything 'stamped' at the back of the 'head'. thanks.

Tom James said...
Hello, If you ever wish to sell this guitar please let me know. Confirm that you have received this email. Many thanks, Kind regards, Tom. [ James]