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1970's Aspen AD-3512 Twelve String Acoustic Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-04-28)
Price : US $ 800


The Aspen AD-3512 was a short run in the 70's. For some reason, not many survived today. They are now becoming more rare as every day passes. I go to all the guitar shows in the USA and hundreds of guitar shops across the world. I have only seen two AD-3512 models in my entire life. Mine is the third. It's in much better shape than the other two. I take care of my instruments. The construction is actually stronger than a Martin or Gibson. The Japanese really know how to build instruments that last. The Aspen uses cross-cut piecing, which is much stronger than one solid piece. Much attention to details all over. With the zero fret, the accuracy and intonation will last much longer than most top makes of guitars, including Martin and Gibson. The only other guitar I thought could even come close to the Aspen, is the Bozo. He makes guitars that last and sound great. Then, his guitars start at $2000 and go up. $800 is no money for this guitar, but I have so many in my collection, something has to go.
I will accept payment ONLY through secure PayPal. I will pay for proper packaging and fully insured shipping to your door by a responsible carrier. Even give you seven days to decide if you really love it or not. If not, I will refund every cent of your money. But, I know once you get this in your hands, you will fall in love and know you got the best deal on the planet!
NOTE: If you have a Aspen AD2812, I will trade you mine and GIVE you $400! The AD-2812 is THE rarest of the Aspen twelve strings and I'm looking for one.


Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2009-04-28)

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rob said...
I have a DR-35-12 Aspen, with spruce top, rosewood sides, 3-piece rosewood back. Hate to say it, but I think it sounds better than my '76 Guild G 212-nt. I have only seen one other, and that was on eBay. I love it!

Dennis said...
I bought a guitar like this in 1976. I sold it when I was transferred to Germany. I wish I had kept it. If I could afford it I would purchase it. Mine had great sound.

Mark said...
I have an Aspen AD2912-0 - Serial #59780019 - what can you tell me about it? PS: It's in great condition and was my workhorse guitar for years. Now, it's kind of my specialty - every once in a while guitar.

Perry said...
I have a Aspen AD-2812 thats in perfect condition...I bought it in 1970 at Grinnells...Its the best sounding 12 string I've ever played. Anyway I would be very interested in selling it but not quite sure if I would want to make a trade