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1960's Yamaha Acoustic 6 String With Case,Tuner,NPick

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-05-04)
Price : US $ 120

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It sounds and looks beautiful, i got it last week and im no good at guitar so im selling it for half of what i got it for, its from around 1969, its a 6 string acoustic guitar, but ONE string popped during tuning, it comes with a case a pick and a tuner, but the case is slightly damage due to old age im assuming.
it sounds AMAZING very sturdy good for collectors or any one interested in a nice acoustic. all it needs is some new strings and a cleaning! im in the Jackson TN Area, contact me if interested.
Also, i just realized for some reason the pictures ive uploaded onto this site look a little funny like the circles are misshaped or kinda wirey ? there not, if your genuinely interested contact me ill send better pictures.
also, please enlarge the pictures, there shrunken down so they have reduced quality, i120m lowering the price from 250 to 120
its in excellent shape for a 30 + year old guitar! this one will be going F A S T so contact me immediately if interested, my email is

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2009-05-04)

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John Saltsman said...
Saw your FG75.... still for sale, or is this an old post? Thanks.

Ian Sampson said...
Hi can you post it to Perth West Australia and how much will it cost

Will kimbrough said...
still for sale?

mike said...
can you email some better pics i'm in st. Louis so it'd have to be shipped mike

LILS10 said...
Hey, ive had my guitar for for years, i thought it was worth nothing until i decided to sell it to make rent. its a yamaha FG-75. its an old guitar but the label is cream colored maybe it was white? im not sure and just wanted to know if you knew what its really worth. thanks. please email me at my i can send you pics, but it pretty much looks like the one you posted

David said...
whats the model? FG? Nippon gaki?

David said...
whats the model? FG? Nippon gaki?