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"The best strat in existence"

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-05-15)
Price paid : US $ 700

"The best strat in existence" "The best strat in existence"

Gotta be one of the best strats out there. Aside from a slightly slimmer headstock, This is a carbon copy of a 1962 Fender Stratocaster.

Mine has had a minor change, This one is fitted with a Kahler. I'm not sure if it's stock, but the routing texture is the exact same as the rest of the body.

I think it's gotta be hard to match sanding texture THAT well.

If you get a chance at one, buy it right then and there if possible.

these were forbidden to be sold in the USA because of obvious reasons.... There was a reason why Fender HAD TO (not wanted to) buy tokai.

Fender did not make re-issues of their vintage guitars at this time and tokai was the only one. The japanese couldn't readily afford geniune vintage fenders because the cost was outrageous, exceeding $40,000+ for pre-CBS fenders.

After all, tokai's motto was "beware of expensive imitations"

these aren't memphis, hondo, ibanez, Aria, etc. copies. these are the cream of the crop.

mine's an 84' model and it has aged quite well. These sold for $914 american dollars in japan when built. EBAY is starting to see these go for about the same and even much more here in 2009.

The demand for them is unbelieveable, each one up for sale is sold. Plain and simple. Their loverock and goldstar tokai's fetch high, high, prices.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-05-15)
Price paid : US $ 700

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ed bottke said...
I have a black tst-62. It is unreal good, I've sold the other fender strats. won't part with this.