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Epiphone Orville EO-2 Black

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-07-23)
Price paid : US $ 200

Epiphone Orville EO-2 Black Epiphone Orville EO-2 Black Epiphone Orville EO-2 Black Epiphone Orville EO-2 Black

Epiphone Orville Gibson anniversary acoustic electric

Electric acoustic to commemorate the anniversary of Orville Gibson made circa 1991.

Wood usually walnut and sounds amazing, gives a rich tone

It is one of the Orville series acoustics named for the crescent moon & star inlay which Orville Gibson used circa 1902- the last phots shows an original Guitar by Orville Gibson, Kalamazoo, 1902.

Label inside says the model is an EO-2BB,
Spec: acoustic-electric, rounded cutaway, X-braced walnut top with oval soundhole, mahogany sides and arched back, 14-fret neck with "Orville" paddle-shaped peghead, 21 fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays, rosewood belly bridge, mine has faded gold tuners, white-bound body, fretboard and headstock, b-w-b-w top purfling, 1894 style butterfly decal under finish between bridge and soundhole, pearl star, cresent and dot peghead inlays, 14-3/4" lower bout, ~3-3/16" body depth, ~25-1/8" scale, 1-5/8" nut width, factory Epiphonic V pickup system with volume, 3-band EQ and battery check, 1/4" output jack, black high gloss finish

Searched the web and its quite rare- though those that I did find seemed to have dodgy electronics/pickup problems as did mine. Replaced the whole lot with new Fishman pizo pickup and pre amp

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-07-23)
Price paid : US $ 200

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Rob said...
I've got this guitar too - it was first guitar in 1993. I played the hell out of it, used to play it on the subway trains here in New York when times were tough. It has been through a lot with me, has been beaten up, bled on, and has scrathes and dings aplenty. The electronics haven't worked in 15 years. I would never ever sell it.

Tina said...
I have an EO-2BB made in Korea and I bought mine for $400 in 1996.The EQ is in excellent condition it still has a great sound and I am ready to part with it.Still doing research on its worth. Mine has a little brown color under the black. It is not pitch black like the picture.

William said...
I own this guitar as well... EO-2B serial S94030255. I've had it for years and got a lot out of it but the sound has gotten pretty bad on it... if anyone wants to sell, i'd love to buy it to mend my broken heart. contact me at:

Jay said...
I have this guitar also. I bought mine new in 1991 or 92 and paid around $ 200.00. Mine is an EO-2EB ser # Y111444 made in Korea. The preamp quit working recently.

Bob said...
Just bought one yesterday. Real nice guitar. It has a 5 band EQ. Great tone.

mike said...
I have one just like yours...serial #Y801887...according to gibson/epiphone serial #'s it was made in the 80's but I couldn't find anything more specific than that...can anyone enlighten me?

paul said...
been looking for this for years! any idea where I can pick one up??

jonesy said...
I have one too. Bought it in 1992 when I was in High School and have had it ever since. Not sure what it is worth, but it looks nice with the rest of my collector guitars.