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Odyssey '77 Carved Top Series 100

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-07-24)
Price paid : US $ 1000

Odyssey Odyssey Odyssey Odyssey

Odyssey Guitars was a small hands on guitar manufacturer that existed in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from the mid 70's to the early 80's (about 77-82). In this span they created extremely high quality and unique instruments. This is a '77 Carved Top Series 100, the top model for that year, their first year of production.

All custom brass hardware (bridge, nut, tailpiece, electronics cover, volume/tone controls), custom DiMarzio dual humbuckers, five piece mahogany and maple laminate neck through, ebony fretboard with mahogany wings and a birdseye maple cap.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2009-07-24)
Price paid : US $ 1000

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Len Cornett said...
This is the exact guitar I have. The only difference is the bridge is not quite the same. Birds eye maple is very cool. I've lost one knob and can't find a matching one. I bought it in 1980 I think. It was the top model then. I would like to find out more about the current value. I might consider trading it for a Les Paul if anyone has an interest in that. I love the split coil pick up configuration. Super versatile!

Matt said...
I have a left handed sunburst atilla, i was looking for information on it forever. I finally found some and am realizing how lucky i am to have one. I got it when i was 6, used. I\'m 21 now. It\'s got a few scracthes on it, but i\'ve kept it in the best condition possible. It has the Atilla Logo (AA) on the head, maple body, and I haven\'t figured much more out about it. Does anyone know when they switched it from the Odyssey logo to the Atilla logo? Any information would be great... please send any to

Jim Mullen said...
I'm looking to buy a guitar like this Odyssey. I want a high end one with binding and the works. Jim 250 961-2519

Devon said...
I own a 78' ash 400 Attila Balogh Odyssey, and It was the guitar 'that changed everything' for me when I was 16. If ANYONE has one of these for sale, please contact me. The sentimental value of this brand in my life is very high.

Scott said...
Nice, I also have one, just found out today what she was after about 4+ years. Curious to know you serial #, mine is 77-101. Looks similar but the front of mine looks like the back of yours. Let me know if you have any other info on these things, will try and post a pic on here as well.

Clayton said...
Nice, I have a very similar guitar.. though mine might be an earlier one without the Odyssey logo and binding around the body. It also has the maple/mahogany laminated neck, but the body is made of solid wings of birdseye maple which makes it very heavy. I love the guitar and will never part with it.