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MARTIN 000 2832 Legendary Acoustic Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-06-11)
Price : AU $2,125

MARTIN 000 2832 Legendary Acoustic Guitar

This is a Martin 000-2832, also known as Martin Shenandoah. This is a rare, and very hard to find. Martin acoustic legend. Since it is a limited edition made only during certain years it has been estimated by the local guitar enthusiasts that it has been made in 1985. The serial number is 465923. It is in VERY good condition for its age without any major damage.

There are minor blemishes but this is unavoidable when the guitar is played. Buy this guitar if you are a musician,it would be a pity to put it in a display cabinet. It loves being played. It has very low action and it tunes perfectly. Its 20-frett, very thin V-shaped neck allows for fine bluegrass picking as well as hard strumming. This baby will take it all. The sound,is Sweet, sweet, sweet.

The sound is dry and warm with the sweetness characteristic to a Martin. Because of the 000 body it is unbelievable punchy in the mid range and yet it has rich and deep bass. Try thumb-attacking the 5th and the 6th strings and you will get that bluesy ‘slingshot’ sound that Eric Clapton loved. Used for recording only and a range of mics has been used on it. It sounded terrific an U87, through a pair of AKG 414s and the Rode Classic, however it fell in love with the good old AKG 451.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-06-11)

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adam said...
I have got one of these,how much did it sell for?? just out of interest.. Thanks guys.

stuart scobie said...
I have a 000-2832 457823 for sale perfect condition whats it worth torchead inlay

joe fernandaz said...
Its a very good guitar sound Really nice.