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Aspen AD-28

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-01-16)
Price paid : US $ 112

Aspen AD-28 Aspen AD-28 Aspen AD-28

Beautiful, booming solid wood guitar made in Japan in the 1970s. ebony fretboard, all solid woods. Real nice copy of a Martin D-28, very light weight wise.

Update, the guitar had developed a belly behind the bridge. I bought a JLD Bridge Doctor and installed it, after 3 days, so far so good. The belly is gone, and the guitar may even sound better than before

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-01-16)
Price paid : US $ 112

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ed ( said...
Liked the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I have an AD35 model that i bought new in the mid 70's. Paid $350. Although the guitar is all laminates, it is made well and still sounds great. Ed

harold annabel said...
i have an aspen acustic.. i think its from the sixtys. i have had it since1980. the numbers inside of it are ad25..serial number is 255760709. is there anything you can tell me about it?

jdw1163@ gmail .com said...
I have an aspen guitar In mint condition and don\'t know the history or year it was made. what i do have is the hand signed serial # AD33-0/33780058. Inspected by K Saigo can you tell me what year it was made?

Bill said...
I have a 1977 AD26-0 I got in 1979. It always sounded good. I been looking for sometime now for a AD-28 or a 35, but haven`t had much luck