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Hondo 760 Deluxe

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-01-30)
Price paid : US $ 79

Hondo 760 Deluxe Hondo 760 Deluxe

Strat like, Hondo 760 Deluxe. Maple neck, very straight with low action. This guitar is amazing. Feels great and plays awesome! I have been passing these things by for years....never again. Easily competes with a seven hundred dollar big name piece. Has from factory Demarzio pickups! Made with quality USA components offshore. What can I say, I love the thing.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-01-30)
Price paid : US $ 79

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Eddie B said...
Just bought one at fleamarket this morning for $10.00 thought the tag said 100 but the guy said no it's 10. Don't know what's wrong with it yet haven't opened it up yet . But the neck is straight and the hardware shows no sign of rust. Can't wait to get off work to check it out

John Ivens said...
just got one, the thing whales!!Paid 95.00. what a steal. The pickpups are unreal on this guitar.Sounds better than any mexi strat i've ever heard.I love this guitar!!

Steven A said...
These "Deluxe Series 760" are low cost gems! The body is solid, has the weight similar to alder. The neck finish looks and feels like nitrocellulose. These can be bought for $50- $100. Way better than a Squier. But not as good as a Mexican Fender Strat (in my opinion). But used Mexi-Strats are currently selling for $250-$300, so at under $100, they are a great deal.

Jason R said...
Just picked one up for $30 from private owner. The action is great and guitar stays in tune, but what amazed me were the DiMarzzio pickups!! This baby makes my '57 Fender Strat jealous as I am in awe of the crystal clear sounding pickups. And what's so awesome is that these DiMarzzios came standard in these models as well as other early Hondo guitars.

Steve C. said...
I have one myself that I paid $60 for at a pawn shop. Paid $80 more to replace a cracked nut and having the action dropped. I love mine and record with it all the time.