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Hondo Formula 1 Series H785 B/BR

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-02-28)
Price : US $ 700

Hondo Formula 1 Series       H785 B/BR Hondo Formula 1 Series       H785 B/BR Hondo Formula 1 Series       H785 B/BR Hondo Formula 1 Series       H785 B/BR

This is a sweet example of a Hondo, extreme guitar. This beauty has all kinds of style. Early version of the BC Rich style body. It has the usual Volume, Tone, and 3 way switch. But then there are 3 auxilary switches. The first one(from the top) splits both pickups from doubles to singles, the second one reverses the ploarity on the bottom pickup and the third is a gain boost that gives it a nice dirty distortion sound !

Normal wear and tear which is very minimal actually. It has a tremelo system, and grover tuners, there is no physical dmage to the body that I can see. The neck is straight,and the headstock is in great shape too. The one minor issue is the bottom pickup has stopped working, and i had my guitar guy check it out and it just needs to be rewound. Or the pickups could both be replaced with anything you wish since they have a standard opening at both top and bottom holes. This little treasure also comes with a custom fitted(original) case

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2010-02-28)

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Duke Kelly said...
Cool Guitar! I have one too thats in pretty nice shape & all stock. If you know of someone who wants another mine is for sale. Thank You Duke.(I live in Eugene Or)

Brian said...
I had a Formula I Strat-style guitar with gold hardware and the one-piece bridge/tail piece. It was what I would consider a "sleeper"; a rockin' ass guitar that played like butter, had a fast neck and sounded fantastic with the stock pickups. If I saw one in a pawn shop and it was in good condition, I'd probably fork out up to $400 for it.

Will said...
I have a Hondo Formula 1 H785EXP/MR guitar. I've probably had it for over 2o years now. It is, in my opinion, the best-sounding, and most versatile guitar i have ever played.

joseph said...
i have one of the same model but mine is not painted in that scheme , and has active pickups i want to sell mine but have no actual info on the guitar someone with knowledge contact me at

joseph said...
i also have a hondo 3/4 4 string bass guitar i also want to know what its worth on account of a new baby i need to downsize my guitar collection

dan porter said...
i play both bich and warlock hondos for since 1985 i love them both and want another bich guitar wish i had the money to buy this one right now there the best and nicest guitars ive ever played i would put them over a bc rich anyday fell free to contact me 208 392 5761

Cris. said...
is 700 the lowest you are willing to go?