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5035 (Delta Star Sunburst)

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-03-09)
Price paid : US $ 150.0

5035 (Delta Star Sunburst) 5035 (Delta Star Sunburst)

This is a beautiful dreadnought guitar, apparently made only in 1984 (according to Alvarez/Yairi expert, Ms. D. Hughes). It has the best neck/action that I've played on an acoustic guitar. Laminated mahogany back/sides, spruce top, finished in an antique sunburst, bound body/neck/headstock, rosewood fingerboard, and marked A/A tuners. "Alvarez" appears to be factory burned(?) into back of headstock. Headstock is finished with mahogany veneer. Overall, this guitar is finished very much like its Yairi contemporary, the DY73C (lots of abalone inlay), but it is a non-Yairi Alvarez. Nonetheless, professionals who have played this guitar are always smitten with it's unique sound and good looks.

Made in Japan, the inside sticker is signed (stamped signature?) "Inspected by G.Yamada". Serial number begins with "A84".

This is my Smith & Wesson guitar, as someday it will be pried from my "cold, dead fingers". A keeper.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-03-09)
Price paid : US $ 150.0

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Matt D said...
I have this Alverez 5035 model same as the photo above. I bought in Cal new in 85 for about $400? It has beel in and part of my family ever sence. I\'ve had and have many others, but this is a go-to for me. It has been well used and shows the wear, but the sound and action is fine. Does not compare to the solid wood Guilds I own, but has improved with age. I have never seen another in person.

Steve said...
Randy..the guitar is a Alvarez 5035 hand built and described properly..very rare..but was built ..I have another just like it!! There was also the classical 5035 you speak about but they are entirely different guitars!!

Randy Marion said...
Question: the guitar in the photo is NOT an Alvarez 5035 model. The 5035 was a special order "professional" Classical Guitar that their best and highest priced when I got it through a Music store I taught Classical Guitar at in 1976. I couldn't even find it on their Website, but they knew what it was when I sent it in 31 years later for the lifetime warrenty to straighten the neck when I bought a new Yari.

Andy Newman said...
very nice