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Cort AC15 Classical

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-03-04)
Price paid : US $ 259

Cort AC15 Classical Cort AC15 Classical Cort AC15 Classical

Solid Red Cedar top: Tight grain, lots of silking/medullary rays. Quarter sawn but not perfectly. Gloss finish.

laminated rosewood back/sides, gloss finish - pretty grain, seems like a thin laminate - can feel vibration on my chest as I play.

Tuners - OK Hauser style, strange brown pearlish knobs - sort of copper colored. Nothing special, but they work.

Mahogany 3 splice neck - very nice satin finish.

Rosewood fingerboard (smooth) with a lot of color, rosewood bridge with a very smooth finish

Off white synth nut and compensated saddle.

Nice looking rosette that takes close inspection to verify that yes, it is a real inlaid rosette.

Multiple binding on top, multi color back center strip (matches boundaries of the rosette)

The neck is heavenly. It plays as nice as the nicest I've played - this is one of Cort's attractions for me - very smooth precise necks, frets, intonation.

The sound is very good. Good tonal balance, good volume and projection. I changed the stock normal tension strings for hard tension, my preference for feel and sound. Easy to get a wide range of tones from warm to aggressive with the usual variation of technique. There is some "brand newness" to the tone, but my past experiences tell me this will pass as the top breaks in.

Unusual: Dovetail neck joint, and I think it may have internal (non-adjustable) truss. Also unusual: the tuner buttons.

It is fun and satisfying to play.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-03-04)
Price paid : US $ 259

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