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Early '80s Hondo Fame 760

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-04-27)
Price paid : US $ 80

Hondo FAME 760 strat copy. I got this a few days ago for 60 EUR (about $80 US). I love old weird "lawsuit" guitars cos they're always a little different and stand out from the crowd at gigs and that. I was looking to get a project guitar of sorts, and this is perfect for that. When I went out to get it the strings were off it cos the seller had to re-solder a couple wires, so it was a bit of a gamble. I've dealt with him before (got a lovely diamond-in-the-rough Kasuga SG copy from him a year ago) and he's real sound and honest about his gear so I trusted him. Good thing it worked out in my favour!!

This is a great guitar for the price I paid, albeit a little on the heavy side. It came with Grover tuners which are in bad condition and don't hold tuning that well, so I'm gonna replace them with Sperzel Trimloks. White finish w/ black pickguard and hardware. The bridge has been tightened like a hardtail so I can't use the trem, but I usually don't and it's probably not a good trem system anyway. The finish has aged nicely to an off-white (slightly yellowish) colour.

I was surprised by the overall condition; no major wear on the neck, and only a few minor bumps and scratches on the body. Apart from the tuners only the nut needs replacing because of the usual wear you'd expect from a 25-30 year old guitar.

After a rough setup with D'addario 10's it plays great (apart from the nut and tuning keys, mind you), the neck is dead straight and reminds me more of a Jazzmaster than a Strat neck (a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless). The body's contours are more rounded than a standard Strat as well which I like. The headstock is kind of ugly but in my (biast) opinion adds a bit of retro character to it. The pickups are stock singlecoils.

Now, actually plugged in: The neck and bridge pickups by themselves are a bit too twangy for my liking, but the middle p'up is suprisingly nice on its own or blended with either of the other two. Nice sweet tone, good sustain, works great with a compressor for cleans. The grand plan is to put a DiMarzio Chopper humbucker in the bridge position like Bily Corgan's signature Strat, if you're familiar with it. The Chopper is one of those humbuckers that's singlecoil-sized, saving me the trouble of routing the body and pickguard to take a regular sized humbucker. The electrics and pots are quite noisy when you move them, but when I'm changing the p'up I'll shield the body and give it a once-over with some WD40 which should quieten things a fair bit.

I'm looking at about another 200 for tuners, p'up and a bone nut/setup, but for the guts of 250 this is a great, unique Strat copy.

I have at my disposal a Fender MIM Strat, MIM Tele, MIM Tele Deluxe '72 reissue, CIJ JagStang, CIJ Jazzmaster, a Gibson ES-175, a vintage Epiphone Sheraton II, a new Sheraton II and a Kasuga SG, so I like to think I know what I'm talking about. And no, they're not ALL mine but they're all there when I want to play them (the glory of having guitar-playing friends with taste!). Sized up to the similiar guitars on the list it really does hold it's own, and that's with broken tuners.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-04-27)
Price paid : US $ 80

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