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Vintage Gibson J 45 for sale

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2012-03-21)
Price : US $ 4000.

Vintage Gibson J 45 for sale

1953 Gibson J 45 for sale at Greg's guitars.Original with it's original case. No cracks ,A few braces re-glued at Gibson in 1980's.Let's see, the "G-G" on the top, Greg's Guitars, Grammer Guitars, and George Gobel,George being at Georgia native who originally owned this J 45. He owned and operated a recording studio for a time as well as played the band circuits of the day. Very big and warm sounding J 45 with everything you would hope for in a vintage Gibson. I had to have it with all the double G®'s in the mix, I have not even tried to take them off yet and may not.Pick guard shrinkage , no cracks, original tuners,buttons,pins. I have not even had time to clean her up or condition that "wow" Brazilian fret board.More pictures always available. Initially, the J-45 differed only slightly from the discontinued J-35. Internal construction changes from the J-35 included top bracing strengthened slightly with 1" set "X" brace behind the sound-hole, tall and thin back braces, and most importantly, scalloped tall and thin top braces. Also the J-45 had a baseball bat style neck (instead of the J-35's "V" style neck, used on pre-1939 models), and a tear drop pickguard. After WW2 the J-45 stayed sunburst, with a blond version being introduced in 1947 and called the J-50.The J-45 is probably Gibsons most popular acoustic guitar ever made. At the time, they were not an expensive or fancy guitar. But they are a good one! The sound of a J-45 is very warm and fat. Playability of the J-45 is excellent too. This makes the J-45 one of the best and most popular flattop guitars that Gibson ever produced.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2012-03-21)

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