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Framus 74C Acoustic Guitar

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-08-13)
Price : US $ 300

A beautiful guitar (showing , like wine, it's age. At least 25 yrs old.

What's original on guitar?

Everything!!! Maybe even the strings. Lol!

Multi Laminated Bolt on adjustable neck. May be glued also. Maybe 36 or so layers/Laminates which create a great, straight neck(and strong).

Original tuners. 30 dollars gets you some self contained tuners(Like Grovers or Schallers).

Amber colored Top. Has it's bumps and bruises but is still lovely. As is or I'll refines the guitar for 100 dollars.

Sides and bottom of body, a rich, darker brown. Back is contuored(like a violin...Not flat.)

Off white binding.

Black eloquent pick guard.

Elaborately designed bridged. Wooden bridge accented with metal for design and function. Saddle(s) is/are a single piece of plastic..may be bone, but I'm doubting that.)

300 as is

400 refinished

430 with new tuners(I like the originals)

I can't say exactlly what shipping will be but I think it's around 35-50 dollars or so depending upon weight(of course)

My Dad gave this to me before he passed. Lung cancer. A hideous way to die. Don't Smoke!!! He would understand that I need the money and would tell me to "Get off my @ss and sell the d&mn thing!

Here's to you Dad.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2010-08-13)

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