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Fender Custm shop Prosonic amp

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2012-09-10)
Price : US $ 1475.

Fender Custm shop Prosonic amp

Fender® Custom Shop Prosonic™ Amp offered for sale at Greg's Guitars.Complete with manual, soft cover and footswitch. Switchable design for maximum user control and tone(s). 1. Solid-state rectification with fixed bias (marked "S.S. AB2"). Listed at 60 Watts R.M.S. 2. Tube rectification with fixed bias (marked "AB2"). Listed at 50 Watts R.M.S. 3. Tube rectification with cathode bias (marked "A"). Listed at 30 Watts R.M.S. Unlike many amplifiers marketed as "Class A", the Prosonic™ truly functions as a Class A power amplifier in the "A" position. Class A refers to the amount of current flowing through the power tubes with zero audio signal, with Class A meaning maximum current flow even with zero signal. This makes the tubes run hotter, and gives the power section even more gain at the cost of tube life and noise. The Class-A designation for guitar amplifiers is often a misnomer, as heralded amps such as the Vox AC-30 also do not operate in a true Class-A mode. While the Prosonic™ featured cathode bias in the Class A mode and fixed bias in the Class AB mode, not all class A tube amplifiers are cathode-biased, and not all fixed biased amplifiers are Class AB.The initial Custom Shop run were finished in red and seafoam green pebbled tolex, called "lizard-skin" by Fender®. Approximately 300 were made in red and 500 were made in seafoam green. The look of the amplifier borrows simultaneously from several eras of vintage Fender® design: black "chicken-head" pointer knobs (as used on circa 1950s "tweed" amps), and the silver grill cloth, jewel lamp, and black control plate as used during the 'black face' period (mid-1960s). (Both models came with green jewel lamps). So if your in the market for a truly excellent rather unique and rare amp, it looks like you found it .

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2012-09-10)

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