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Model F003N

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-11-10)
Price paid : US $ 0.00

Model F003N Model F003N Model F003N Model F003N

Inherited from my fathers collection.

1960's Acoustic Parlor Guitar.

I have not found much information about this guitar (or any Emperador guitars).

This guitar does not seem to be properly made by a good luthier. I have always had an issue with keeping it in tune. I have tried different strings (Brands, gauges and types). I have had the truss rod adjusted. I am not willing to invest money in a guitar that has neither collector nor historical value (besides it's age).

I have decided to use it as an experiment and have cut out a section of the sound hole near the bridge and installed a single coil, Fender Stratocaster, neck position pickup. I have added a volume knob to the front of the guitar and placed the jack at the bottom. I have not grounded the strings as I do not think it really matters on this wooden guitar. I used an old, volume pot (really only works when turned all the way up and after tapping it a few times) and the jack I got from Radio Shack. I used D'Addario XL, Nickel Wound, Super Light, EXL 120, .009 electric strings.

Surprisingly it sounds very loud and has a nice warm sound over an amp. There is a loud 60Hz hum (that is to be expected with a single coil pickup) but I feel that I can reduce the hum with a new volume pot and a noise gate. I still have an issue with keeping it in tune but I am hopeful the new strings will help. I may add a 250K tone pot later if this guitar turns out to be a usable experiment. So far I like what it has become but I can not play a guitar that goes out of tune right after tuning it, as you are playing it.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2010-11-10)
Price paid : US $ 0.00

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