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Daimaru CE-1

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-11-27)
Price paid : US $ 0

Daimaru CE-1 Daimaru CE-1 Daimaru CE-1 Daimaru CE-1 Daimaru CE-1 Daimaru CE-1

This is an 1966 Teisco made Prototype guitar .. Have no clue as to what Model CE-1 means(have to post cavity picture)..but permenently marked in cavity..paint I think .. (I have suspcions as to model name) Rare to get any Japan guitar marked #1 IMO ..First one made in this model line-up.Solid Mahogany in extremely nice condition. Daimaru manufactured acoustic and F-hole guitars .Electrics were sub-contracted out.Not many of these models around that I can find Factory burned to ground my research indicates..Daimaru Electric models were, Student guitar: single p/u 802 model and the 811 2 p/u model.Both couple years after this model I believe.. Diasonic was semi-hollow guitar. heard of a Diatonic too never saw one..This is a rare beauty.And bright sound out of pickups ..possibly Teisco Vox Phantom copy pickups possible was told ..
all original it appears
came to me in rare Solid State amp in guitar case (rough shape)
This guitar was made prior to Kawai takeover in 67 ...Daimaru Corp opened NY office in 66 .I got guitar less than 50 miles from NYC.
Thrift shop purchase 1990s by family member .does not recall store ..
I have seen only 1 guitar like this in Australia and was a mess.And was of the plywood variety not solid like this.have pics of that one too..
plays pretty sweet nice neck
frets 98+ ..never played
Aria knobs.. .Rosewood board (real dark walnut like color)..probably put together quickly as a sample has couple flaws ..Pictures show paper neck shims as was in a hurry to photograph for inquirys to another person..I had the original trem unit off being buffed..the original trem plate has slot for acoustic guitars not solid type on now..will post correct trem picture (done) ,which is on now..and cavity as well ..
nothing has been replaced component wise..
Japans anwser to Silvertone guitar with amp in case I believe ..or Tele-Star like guitar with amp in case.but el-cheapo as SS not tube..
Burns Bison influence ..
thought others might enjoy pictures
real lucky to have found this in the basement where family member forgot about was water damaged but still solid..guitar cleaned up nicely with some TLC..
well am a Teisco nut and really appreciate these inexpensive 60s guitars,,rare find here a closet classic ..
may trade for other Teiscos not interested in cash deals ..
Keep looking you never know what Bizarre guitar awaits !

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-11-27)
Price paid : US $ 0

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