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1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic MIII Guitar Very

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-31)
Price : US $710.00

1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic MIII Guitar   Very 1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic MIII Guitar   Very

 Additional Information about Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar w/ Case
Cool Story Information:
You can read all about this rare gem of a guitar concerning its sweet pickups and awesome versatility and playability below. Here's the really important part. It has a bullet lodged in the back of it! My car got shot up in Youngstown, OH earlier in the decade. The car took 4 shots total. Two of them were absorbed by my guitar and amp. Crazy, right?
This beautiful guitar still plays like the dickens. You'd never know that it had been shot. It never needed any repairs. In fact, I've played this guitar on a couple U.S. tours, and it always performed flawlessly. This thing has lots of balls, especially after taking a bullet and deciding that the hospital was for suckers. Plug this baby in, and get happy.
This guitar has at least 9 different pickup configurations -- 10 if you include the dead silence setting! That's a lot. It's very similar to my Gibson Nighthawk that I love so much.
I am only the second owner. It was only used indoors before I took hold of it and made sure it saw lots of action across the country. Yes, some of the action was, indeed, very strange.
The serial is 2 3226. Look it up if you like. My research shows that the guitar was made at the Gibson Nashville plant.
The Gibson case (pictured) comes with this purchase.
Now for all the details:
With MIII Ribbeloff Pick up arrangement, this Les Paul Classic - MIII set up is unique.  This guitar is very interesting and quite special.

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2008-10-31)

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