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Lefty Zebra Mutt T Bird copy

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-02-16)
Price : US $115.00

Lefty Zebra Mutt  T Bird copy Lefty Zebra Mutt  T Bird copy Lefty Zebra Mutt  T Bird copy

I'm selling this one to buy another Mutt ....and because I'm not an SG player. This guitar puts the neck (25'' scale) in the position you get with an SG and that throws me off a bit being a Tele/Strat player, which is fine in the basement, but not live in my case.

The sound is quite good and I could see having a Zebra wood body again, but in a different style or with a short scale.

The guitar was neck heavy, so I put a new strap button a little lower to balance things out and you can see a brass screw in the old button hole. This was no big deal at all and you could leave the screw in or out. I put one in (not too tight) to keep the un-finished

This is what I'd call a great back up guitar with a nice fat Les Paul type neck and a high output ceramic bucker. If you are doing chunky stuff like The Ramones, TheStooges, Green Day or on the other spectrum like The Edge on ''I will Follow'' you might not think of it as a back up.

Tuners are average, action is medium to low and adjustable with a roller bridge.

Neck is bound, frets good.......some slight edges, but not throw binding, just on top..........I may buff them a bit before the auction end and report it if done.
*** I have successfully cleaned the fret ends.........The short explanation is Tony dressed the frets smooth and forgot to finish dressing the ends, they where angled, but not rounded. They feel great now and I just wanted to post this as I stated I would, if the work was done. New pics will be added tonight if time and eBay still allow it. all for now ***
No case, but it will be sealed like a condom.


Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2009-02-16)

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