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Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-01-30)
Price paid : US $ 175.0

S9109909 S9109909 S9109909 S9109909 S9109909 S9109909

Transparent Cherry Red finish.

Gold fished hardware.

Hum-Single-Hum pickups.

Strat-style tremolo setup.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-01-30)
Price paid : US $ 175.0

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no1beatsj said...
Hi there I've recently acquired this model but in very basic form! The poor thing has no hardware! Can anyone help or suggest where I can get info on the actual pickup etc inc. the full wiring diagram? Also, if anyone has references to the model parts used throughout, id be extreemly greatful! Thanks

jimgionti25 said...
Hi, based on the tremolo unit, and the color, I would say that this is actually an Epiphone EM-2 Rebel, not an EM. Most likely from the 1991-1998 series, as it has a single coil pickup in between two humbuckers.

jimgionti25 said...
Sorry... I meant to say an EM-1 not "an EM" in my last post. My bad. I need to learn to spell check and stuff before posting.

I do also realize that the guitar has EM-1CH engraved on the plate, but I've been doing some research on how to distinguish between the EM-1 and EM-2 of the 1991-1998 series lately... I believe the only difference is the tremolo unit. Perhaps it was replaced on this guitar?