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Firebird given to me by Allen Collins

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-01-30)
Price paid : US $ 0.00

My Firebird had already had a neck break before Allen Collins gave it to me. I played with Climax Blues then and we supported Skynyrd many times. It has suffered at least two more breaks since, but thankfully in the same part of the neck near the headstock....basically the old wound opened again I reckon. The latest repair was made by Gunter Eyb....master German guitar builder, so I think it should hold for a century or two now. :-)

I lost touch with it for over 20 years by the way, but then finally got in touch with the friend who had looked after it for me. It had even survived floods in a Cologne basement thanks to the great flightcase....still with the old Skynyrd and Climax stencilled I.D.'s.

I've played it a couple of times live recently with my "true Blues" band....could be a couple of vids on Youtube perhaps.......and it sounds great!!

I would love to know the true history of what Allen did with the pickups though. It has 2 old and loud Dimarzio's, even though it was obviously a single pickup model originally....still has only one tone and vol pot! Check out the old vids of Skynyrd....two pickups but only two knobs! Unfortunately I can't find a vid of Allen playing the guitar with these old Dimarzio' I can't pin down the date when he put them on. All I know is that it was his spare when they played the Birmingham Odeon...he was playing Explorers by then but this Firebird was the guitar I was handed when I was asked to jam with the lads...

Sad but also joyful memories. I'll be 60 soon too. Not exactly a milestone I'll be glad to reach.

Oh well, sorry to rabbit on..I started out looking for Gordy guitars, one of which Gordon gave me for the "Night of the Guitars" tour.

All the best,

Pete Haycock.

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2011-01-30)
Price paid : US $ 0.00

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