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Bradley PRS style

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2012-12-21)
Price paid : US $ 0.00

Bradley PRS style Bradley PRS style

Unknown vintage w/ Bigsby upgrade.
Very light and comfortable.

Original Bradleys were the house brand for Veneman's Music, Rockville, Maryland house brand (Later to become Veneman's Music Emporium and recently Music Emporium (now owned by Guitar Center.) Veneman's named the guitars "Bradley" because they lived on Bradley Blvd in Bethesda, MD. Legend has it they started production at the Matzamuko Factory in the 70s and stopped being produced there long before the factory burnt down.
Original Bradley's best seller was the 69' Thinline copy, with the Les Paul, and SG appearing later. Bradleys bearing the MOP type inlaid script logo are indeed worth money and hard to find. Itís uncertain if the 335's were in the original family.
Late 70s production started at another factory (location unknown) but the pearloid Bradley script logo on the headstock was replaced by black decal script logo, and the L6 (or LS6) copy was the popular guitar, along with a strat copy. Both were relatively clumsy bolt-ons with the Fender copy sporting plastic saddles. At any rate, everyone everywhere claims their vintage MIJ guitar was made at Matzamuko or a lawsuit guitar, so who knows?
After a brief hiatus, Bradleys reappeared sometime in late 80's thru mid nineties from Korea (Samick?), at which time the logo was both a black or gold decal, and fret markers were stick-on dots. They made a couple different copies, their most popular being the PRS CE -24 copy (shown), either with set or bolt on neck. Itís been said, like the older Bradleys, this was a really good guitar if you swapped out the pickups.
Over the years, Venemanís offered up some fine copies that became known as formidable contenders for the real thing producing some awesome LP and Strat/Tele copies. Still, they are beautiful examples that perform well.
Est. 2012 value: $225.00

Not for sale The owner does not want to sell this guitar (2012-12-21)
Price paid : US $ 0.00

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