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BlueRidge BR-280

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-03-30)
Price : US $ 1750.

BlueRidge BR-280

This is a Blueridge BR-280 Dreadnought
guitar. It is built to the specifications of a pre-war Martin D-45. I have owned it for around 5 years. I bought it from a friend here in DS TX, who bought it New, from Rodjers Music here in DS. This guitar came in with a shipment of instruments directly from the manufacturer. I was there the day it arrived. It had either come off the line, or had been damaged during shipment, with two top cracks on the top, running from behind the bridge towards the end
of the instrument. It was/is beautiful. And we all joked that they had really gone all out to produce an authentic old Martin.. all of us of course knowing the
probability of any older Martin having top cracks. Jack being the owner of the store, was and is an excellent Germany trained Violin maker and Luthier. He glued and secured the cracks, and sold it to my friend, along with another Blueridge, that was similar in quality,but made with solid mahogany back and sides, instead of the BR-280s Solid Brazilian B&Ss. My friend became too arthritic to play, and sold his entire collection one or two guitars at a time.

He was an old Swing player of local fame, earlier in his youth. I bought this guitar, along with several other exceptional instruments. I also have a collection of guitars, and am going to sell the majority of them. You can easily find this guitar, and reviews on Harmony Central and all over the web. I believe,
they made some mods to this model, and there are very few if any new ones available for sale. You can find the specs

the mrsp and the more realistic retail price for new ones can be easily found. It is a true balanced tone guitar, with volume to cut through any mix. Finger style, bluegrass flat picking, or just strumming the daylights out of it, This guitar can do it all with finesse and loads of Style. $1750.00 OBO.

The other guitar in my photo is a Composite Acoustics- "Cargo" Model.
This was the only file I had readily at hand. email me for more pics of either guitar. They are both for sale. Thanks for looking! -Mike

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2011-03-30)

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