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yamaha sbg 1300ts

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-08-30)
Price : US $ 999

yamaha sbg 1300ts yamaha sbg 1300ts

If it was good enought for Carlos is must be good.

These pics just don't show the gloss

I see that there is one other on CL in LA. his decsription was great so Ill just paste it in this add. sorry Geff No intentional Dis or insalt.

if you're looking at a rare vintage 30 year-old solid mahogany / maple slab with all factory-original Floyd-style tremolo with locking nut, Fine-tuning tailpiece, fast Ebony fretboard, Die-cast black chrome finish all-original hardware. Serial Number: LJHJ015. These were only released between December of 1984 and sometime in 1985. For that reason they are considered rare. They only came in black. They were among Yamaha's cadre of elite, neck-through solid bodies like the SG2000 and 3000 series. All the other models of that time were set neck construction.

Original rare legendary coveted Hot Spinex pickups provide massive tight bottom end yet very responsive and balanced across the strings. These pups keep right up with the hottest pickups I've played (EMG, Dimarzio, Duncan) in terms of "fullness", volume and clarity, providing total authority on even the most massively overdriven settings. Plenty of "growl" and "bite"! Excellent sustain.

Chris Poland, a guitarist first known for his work with Megadeth, says, "With my new band OHM, I still use the Bogner FISH, but have switched to a Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amp and play Yamaha SBG1300TS solid body guitars with Ernie Ball strings (10s). These Yamaha guitars are some of the best sounding guitars I have ever played. I have had Tom Anderson drop-top Teles, 4 John Carruthers guitars, a couple of Paul Reed Smiths, and all those Jackson and Hamer guitars. All these guitars and then a friend gave me this SBG Yamaha guitar. I had to put it down after I played it. I couldn't believe this Santana guitar sounded better than all my guitars! Eventually all my other guitars sold and I have been playing my Yamaha SBGs ever since." He goes on to say he's collected seven 1300TS's!! No wonder they're rare - he's got 'em all! Hope he sees this ad!

Interesting comments from another pro owner of a 1300TS on a blog: "I believe there are a few essential differences in the Yamaha SG/SBG guitars as compared to Les Paul guitars (of which there are simply too many variants). The first of these is tonality: Over the years I've spent time with many vintage Les Pauls, including '55 Goldtops, a '68 Custom and a three-pickup '57 Custom, and to my ear they merit praise as wicked blues guitars. But I happen to own an '85 Yamaha SBG1300TS (Tremolo System) with the through-neck design and it's certainly the most resonant, sustain-rich, piano-like electric guitar I've ever played. The tone is just . . . silky . . . much like the one I heard in the hands of the fusion player Joaquin Lievano many years ago. There's also a perceptible difference in string tension. The SBG guitars seem to have a lighter string feel, and Lievano noted that too. Then there's the aspect of build quality: I simply don't believe a set neck, no matter how well done, can compare with a through-neck in terms of structural integrity. Add the hefty neck profile and an ebony fretboard (with humongous frets that never need polishing), and the SBG can stand up to any other instrument. I really should ask for an endorsement sometime, because I'm going to play mine till I fall down dead over it."

The fine-tuners on the bridge make right-handed on-the-fly precision tune-ups faster and less awkward. Unlike most of the Yamahas made in the eighties this one has its cable input on the side rather than on the top next to the control knobs. Why couldn't they do that on my 3000s? Shaved neck heel for ease of high fret access. Neck-through construction - the sturdiest method. Where can you find a neck-through Gibson for under $1000? Carved / Arched top. It weighed in at 10 lbs. on my digital bathroom scale (not guaranteed accurate). That's exactly the same as my SBG 3000s. Maybe you'll weigh it yourself! I like the plainer headstock better without all the fleur-de-lis inlay of my other Yamahas.

Some players like to replace the stock pickups in these with EMGs but I think it's mainly for the look, cause you sure don't need to. The stock Spinex are plenty hot! I did remove the stock pickup covers in order to sport an open coil look and make the pups even hotter, but the original covers are included for the collector who might wish to bring it completely back to factory issue. Spinex is a metal alloy used primarily to make accupuncture needles which Yamaha decided would make great magnets for guitar pickups. Most of the models from the 70s and 80s do not have them. Repeat: The pickups are Yamaha factory original spinex. (Supinekkusu)

No cracks, breaks, separations, repairs or issues of any kind whatsoever. Neck is straight and action is very low (close to the fretboard) without buzzing. Just professionally set up and intonated with new strings.

Vibrato bar and original "Nippon Gakki" case included.

These rarely come out of collections. Who knows when you'll see another one?

Trent 714 318 6262

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Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2011-08-30)

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