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vintage silvertone mono tube amp harp

Sold ! This guitar is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-10-11)
Price : US $110.10

vintage silvertone mono tube amp harp vintage silvertone mono tube amp harp vintage silvertone mono tube amp harp

up for auction is a vintage silvertone mono tube amp removed from a 60s silvertone record cabinet. i am a harp player and all my amps are set up for harp. amp tech starts by changing caps and drifting resisters then changing input resister to be compatible for microphones (mic input). for guitar you just go to a higher value resister and this amp is twice as loud. amp tech is a guitar player and after showing me how great this sounds as a guitar amp i took the smile off of his face by telling him to gear it down for harp. so thats what we have a harp amp (for now). amp has volume, treble, bass, tone controls were tweaked to stop them from bleeding into each other. tubes are matched up quite nice 2-6v6 1rca 1 stromberg carlson reading at 86-87. 2-12 ax7 baldwins reading at 91-91. 1-5y3 reading 82 on tester. amp and transformers look like new. amp is rated at 12-15 watts rms and is ready for the stage. as said this amp is set up for harp but your one resister away from it being a killer guitar amp also. all questions answered

Sold ! This guitar is sold (sold on 2007-10-11)

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